The Project Add-On Kicks-offs At Toulouse

Advanced Damage Detection though Optical sensor Network

The Project Add-On Kicks-offs At Toulouse

Low cost optical wave guides for damage detection including analysis and aircraft data transfer related to aircraft functional needs with self-testing connection (JTI-CS2-2017-CFP06-AIR-02-43)

The project Add-On has kicked off and will develop, design and realize a network of optical wave guide prototype with different functionalities such as damage detection and diagnosis (delamination- corrosion – cracking) and in specific areas of the aircraft sustaining data transfer for cabin needs and/or from known Fibber Bragg Grating or Brillouin sensing technologies. It must be self-sourcing and all the connections must have the capability of self-testing the working condition optimization. The industrialization must be automatised and Eco Efficient in production and in service repair conditions. Please refer to the full and formal topic descriptions published in this call.

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