Advanced Damage Detection though Optical sensor Network


A RADECS Workshop on Radiation Effects on Optoelectronic and Photonics Technologies.

This workshop will demonstrate a variety of studies related to radiations and photonic devices and technologies: image sensors, fibers and fiber sensors, photonic integrated circuits, silicon photonics, optoelectronic components.… and discuss the challenges regarding definition of qualification tests, new radiation effects.

To promote this first edition of the workshop, it has been decided with CNES that it will combine and replace two well-known events from the Photonic Devices and IC’s community: the “2019 Optical Fibers in Radiation Environments Days -FMR” (the 9th edition in 2018 was held in Saint Etienne, about 50 participants) and the 2020 Radiation effects on Optoelectronic detectors Workshop, traditionally organized every-two years by the COMET OOE (the last edition was held in Toulouse in 2018, 100 participants).


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