Extreme fiber sensing capabilities for composite materials in aerospace

Advanced Damage Detection though Optical sensor Network

Extreme fiber sensing capabilities for composite materials in aerospace

Author: J. Mertes, M. Haverdings, R. Evenblij, Technobis

This work describes the use of a high-speed fiber optic interrogation unit based on integrated photonics in structural health monitoring. It overcomes the limitations of other high-speed interrogators with respect to dynamic range by employing a small scale demultiplexed interferometer. The interferometer is combined with another chip-based interrogator that accurately determines absolute wavelength of fiber Bragg gratings at a lower sampling frequency. This combination, which we named SuperGator, is used together with a broadband light source to interrogate multiple sensors simultaneously. With experiments executed with a sensor bonded to an aluminum plate, we demonstrate that the system is suitable of sensing high frequency disturbances as encountered during lamb wave testing. Moreover, the superior dynamic range of the interrogator is indicated, which makes it suitable for monitoring extreme dynamic loading events.

ECCM18 – 18th European Conference on Composite Materials
Athens, Greece, 24-28th June 2018

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