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Advanced Damage Detection though Optical sensor Network

High-Speed Multiplexed Fiber Optic Sensing for Extreme Dynamic Loading Events

Authors: J. Mertes, M. Haverdings, R.Evenblij, Technobis Composite structures comprise large parts of modern aircrafts, as they are low in weight in provide strength superior to commonly used metallic structures. However, the complexity of the material demands for novel Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) techniques in order to accurately monitor the state of the material and…
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Multifunctional pic-based SHM equipment for Aerospace

Author: R. Evenblij, Technobis For Aerospace environments, sensor data and sensing systems are commonplace. Aircraft owners depend on those sensors, systems and signals to provide real-time structural health monitoring, supporting operational awareness and decision making, and to predict future behavior. Analysis methods in SHM more and more tend to explore monitoring approaches based on analysis…
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Extreme fiber sensing capabilities for composite materials in aerospace

Author: J. Mertes, M. Haverdings, R. Evenblij, Technobis This work describes the use of a high-speed fiber optic interrogation unit based on integrated photonics in structural health monitoring. It overcomes the limitations of other high-speed interrogators with respect to dynamic range by employing a small scale demultiplexed interferometer. The interferometer is combined with another chip-based…
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