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Advanced Damage Detection though Optical sensor Network


A RADECS Workshop on Radiation Effects on Optoelectronic and Photonics Technologies. This workshop will demonstrate a variety of studies related to radiations and photonic devices and technologies: image sensors, fibers and fiber sensors, photonic integrated circuits, silicon photonics, optoelectronic components.… and discuss the challenges regarding definition of qualification tests, new radiation effects. To promote this…
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ISROS 2019 – International Symposium on Reliability of Optoelectronics System The next International Symposium on Reliability of Optoelectronics for Systems (ISROS) will be held on 26-29th November in Toulouse, France. The symposium will feature a series of invited talks, contributed talks, several technical sessions including a poster session and an industrial exhibit.

ISROS’19 (WP3)

Oral Talk @ ISROS’19 (WP3) Parametric study on the manufacturing parameters of sol-gel optical waveguides for sensing by M. Royon

The Project Add-On Kicks-offs At Toulouse

Low cost optical wave guides for damage detection including analysis and aircraft data transfer related to aircraft functional needs with self-testing connection (JTI-CS2-2017-CFP06-AIR-02-43) The project Add-On has kicked off and will develop, design and realize a network of optical wave guide prototype with different functionalities such as damage detection and diagnosis (delamination- corrosion – cracking)…
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